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More than 1300 years ago, in the Land of the Rising Sun, an unparalleled material was created - washi paper. The secret of its manufacture was passed down by craftsmen from generation to generation, creating a paper that was not only functional, but also reflected the soul and spirit of the creator.

Paper was used not only for writing, but also for making movable shoji partitions, lamps and other interior elements. Over time, the rumor about a magnificent handmade product, also used to decorate the imperial chambers, spread far beyond Japan. In 1998, Wood & Washi managed to find its best use by creating a union of Japanese age-old traditions and modern European style!

The raw material for the production of washi paper is the fiber of the bark of wild shrubs, whose elastic long fibers create a durable glossy surface during the production process. No chemicals are used in the processing of fibers, thanks to which the paper retains its original appearance - constantly being exposed to direct sunlight, it does not turn yellow or fade.

So strong that it was used to make a balloon shell, and so light that it allows the sun to carefully penetrate it, washi paper has become a real treasure for connoisseurs of functional and comfortable eco-design.




The specialists of the Dutch company have found a way to combine modernity and minimalism, natural resources and innovative technologies.

Clear lines and aesthetics from the general look, create an atmosphere of peace, nobility and harmony. With them, it's easy to create a soft and linear design that even the most fierce perfectionist will appreciate.

Since 1998, Wood & Washi Corporation, based in the Netherlands, has been developing unique window and interior decoration solutions using Japanese washi paper. Combining innovative technologies and the highest craftsmanship, attention to detail and a subtle sense of the aesthetics of the Land of the Rising Sun, the brand launches revolutionary solutions for the organization of modern eco-friendly spaces.

Wood & Washi products are widely used as decoration in both residential and office premises. With their help, even the most ambitious design decisions can be realized. Competent and graceful zoning of space, design of window spaces of any size and shape, the ability to control room illumination are just some of the tasks that the brand's products brilliantly cope with.

When creating canvases for Wood & Washi solutions, several types of paper are used: laminated, colored, artistic and heavy-duty. Such variability allows the material to be used in the arrangement of any premises and to solve with its help the widest range of design tasks - from decorating windows to zoning space.

Wood & Washi solutions instantly fall in love with everyone who is not indifferent to aesthetic, conscious minimalism, visual lightness and environmental friendliness in the design of spaces will instantly fall in love with the Wood & Washi solutions.

All Wood & Washi products comply with high international standards: workmanship, strength and durability, safety and environmental friendliness. They are guaranteed to give any interior uniqueness and grace, as well as make your life more comfortable, thanks to their versatility.

The use of solutions in the interior will emphasize the delicate taste of its owner, will become one of the forming elements in the organization of a well-thought-out and deeply conscious space and will give it an exceptional uniqueness.

Experience the unique properties of Wood & Washi solutions.