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Wood & Washi slides is a solution for decorating window space that allows you to manually set the position of each slat: tilt each slat up, down or leave it horizontal.

This type of design makes it possible to control the flow of light and adjust the view at any window height at will. The control of Slides is as simple and understandable as possible, which makes it convenient for children: simply sliding it by hand moves the slat to an inclined position; by gently shaking the solution, the slats will return to a horizontal position.

The texture of natural wood creates an atmosphere of comfort and unity with nature, which is especially valuable for a city dweller.

Due to the simplicity of the solution, it can be installed both in the window opening in the form of built-in blinds and keeping its contours, as well as on the ceiling or wall above the window.

Slides is a simple, reliable, environmentally friendly and versatile solution for decorating windows and glass interior partitions. It is appropriate both for decorating a home interior and for placing in an office space.

The slats used in slides are made of wood in different colors. With the help of vertical cords, they are evenly distributed over the entire height of the structure, reliably protecting the window from excess light and prying eyes.

Wide application possibilities
The ability to integrate into the smart home solution
Various degrees of transparency
Scattering effect
Individual models
Easy care
Moisture resistance
Decorating with slats of various designs
Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly product


The slides solution is based on the technology in which horizontal slats are evenly distributed using vertical cords. Each Slides solution is equipped with 2-4 cords, which are 5 or 15 cm from the outer edge as standard.


Simply manually sliding over the slats will move them to an inclined position. Shaking the solution gently will make the slats return to a horizontal position. Slides' intuitive controls eliminate the need for rods and control cords. This makes Slides child-friendly, simple and straightforward to operate.

Slides in interiors

Examples of the implementation of Wood & Washi Slides in interior projects.

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Wood & Washi offers this type of solution with different materials that will fit into different interiors and also satisfy different tastes.
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Natural materials are used to create slides, however this does not reduce the choice of materials.

In addition to choosing one of the standard colors, there are two wood-pattern options.

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