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A modern take on traditional Japanese shoji, the most famous sliding door in world culture. Panel is ideal for competent zoning of premises - residential or office, as well as for decorating even windows of non-standard sizes. This solution cleverly changes the space, creating the right atmosphere in the room.

Panel is a perfect synthesis of centuries-old tradition and innovative design. It’s easy to operate, environmentally friendly and multifunctional. Wood & Washi products make it possible to embody any, even the most daring fantasy in interior design and create a space that will inspire and fill with energy.

The secret of the versatility of panel lies in the special lamination of Japanese washi paper. As a result, the paper becomes resistant to mechanical damage and dirt, does not deform in rooms with high humidity and retains its exceptional ability to transmit light. It is enough to choose washi paper of the required density, texture and texture to create the desired level of illumination in the room.

With the variety of patterns, colors and grades of washi paper, truly unique panel designs can be created. Soft muted shades and bright colors from the palette can be combined, and if the desired tone is not available in all the variety of proposals, Wood & Washi will readily support individual ideas and develop an exclusive design solution.

Wide application possibilities
The ability to integrate into the smart home solution
Various degrees of transparency
Scattering effect
Individual models
Easy care
Moisture resistance
Decorating with slats of various designs
Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly product


At the top, the panel screens are fitted with a Velcro strip, which in turn is attached to the carriage. The carriage is securely connected to the track. The tracks have a maximum length of 6 meters, and they can be connected to each other if desired. Tracks have 2 to 5 working channels. By combining the tracks together, the number of channels can be increased.

Panel in interiors

Examples of the implementation of Wood & Washi Rollo in interior projects.

implementation preview
Wood & Washi offers this type of solution with different materials that will fit into different interiors and also satisfy different tastes.
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The materials used for the production of solutions allow you to apply any image to them.


Mount and control

When operated with a pull cord, the rail comes with a cord weight, which is available in two colors: natural anodized aluminum and white.

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