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Absolutely unique solution of window space decoration, made of translucent Japanese paper. Flow provides the opportunity to delicately play with light and shadow, creating a special, private atmosphere in the room.

Wood & Washi's innovative flow window and interior decoration solution can be called a genius solution without undue modesty. It is a structure consisting of static and dynamic curtain panels - the latter can be easily moved up and down vertically, thereby adjusting the degree of lighting, providing protection from the sun and giving the room a delicate privacy with diffused light.

No effort is needed to move the curtains - despite the impressive size of the screens, they are easily raised and lowered across the entire width thanks to the use of a stainless steel counterweight solution.

As desired, the panels can be arranged one above the other so that the entire window area is covered, or one or two dynamic curtains can be lowered, opening the view and letting in a maximum of light into the room.

Crafted from Japanese washi paper, a proprietary material used by Wood & Washi, flow panels are decorated with elegant metal profiles to provide a stylish and functional addition to modern eco-friendly interiors.

Wide application possibilities
The ability to integrate into the smart home solution
Various degrees of transparency
Scattering effect
Individual models
Easy care
Moisture resistance
Decorating with slats of various designs
Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly product


Thanks to the use of a counterbalance solution, the movable curtains can be easily moved across the entire width, even with large dimensions.

The counterweight is made of polished stainless steel, which, combined with the filigree ceiling profile of anodized aluminum, provides a stylish and modern window solution.

Flow in interiors

Examples of the implementation of Wood & Washi Rollo in interior projects.

implementation preview
Wood & Washi offers this type of solution with different materials that will fit into different interiors and also satisfy different tastes.
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The materials used for the production of solutions allow you to apply any image to them.


Mount and control

The Flow solution allows the various curtains to be moved independently up and down in a vertical direction, which provides a wide range of possibilities, since you can close part of the window or leave it open, depending on your wishes.

Flow solutions can use a hand-made paper technology called Art installation

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