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Wood & Washi products can be equipped with horizontal ribs that divide the screens in segments in accordance with customer preferences. Ribs are decorative and serve as weight to straighten the screens.


The ribs for Wood & Washi products are made from high quality materials. They are reliable and easy to manage, moreover, they fully fit the high aesthetic standards.

Basic material for ribs is anodized aluminum. They come in several colors or fitted with wood veneer inlay.

Ribs parameters

The ribs are available in two variations: 10 mm and 25 mm width. Rollo require 10 mm slats. For Panel and Banner, ribs width may vary and ribs themselves are always put on both sides of the Panel screen. They can be colored differently on each side.

There are aluminum ribs with various anodized surfaces

Wood inlay is available in a range of colors. It’s important to note that the lower rib is always the same color as other ribs used in a product.

Wood & Washi Panel and Banner with 10 mm and 25 mm slats are always fitted with a 25 mm wide- lower and upper rib.

Sections height

Horizontal ribs are designed to divide screens into separate areas – segments. Traditionally, Rollo is supplied with 27 cm high segments. However, on demand, the products can be customized as desired.

The optimal segment size depends on the height of the screen.

Number of ribs

The number of ribs to be used depends on interior design and client’s request. If there are non-standard windows or window spaces of various heights, then the screens can be made so that when closed, all the ribs are at the same height.

The elegant horizontal ribs made from anodized aluminum as well as fitted with decorative inlay of natural wood veneer like nut- and oak-wood. Ribs painted in RAL colors are also available as custom to order.