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Special approach to special windows

Today, in the era of the mass market, when almost any thing is replicated, made in millions of copies, uniqueness acquires special value. Wood & Washi offers each of its clients endless possibilities for the realization of any ideas. We believe that interior design is a multifaceted art that does not tolerate frames. That is why we are always glad to complex projects that require a special approach and search for non-standard solutions.

Bay windows’ case: the synergy of beauty

Decorating a bay window may be a tough challenge even for an experienced interior designer. This kind of window construction seems to be quite self-sufficient as an element of the decor. It’s also elegant enough to have any additional ornaments or twiddles. However Wood & Washi solutions can make a bay window even more exquisite and fancy, creating a unique balance of light and shadow.

Innovative screens with various textures and light transmission qualities will perfectly fit into the impeccable geometry of your bay window and fulfill the room with warmth and comfort. With high-tech Wood & Washi solutions the use of the window space will be as functional as possible. If necessary you can adjust the level of illumination or gently control the light flux to create a special atmosphere in the room. Our friendly team will be glad to help you choose the best solution for a bay window of any complexity and emphasize your interior’s uniqueness.

Out of the standard

Our team works with windows of all sizes and shapes, whether they are panoramic window spaces or windows that occupy the entire perimeter of the room. Wood & Washi products can transform any room - from a tiny studio to a huge loft with high ceilings.

Fastening on inclined surfaces

Wood & Washi solves the most ambitious tasks of decorating narrow, wide, multi-level and even round windows. In our design projects, if necessary, canvases of different types, textures, density and geometry can be harmoniously combined. This allows our designers to achieve exceptional results that meet the needs of even the most demanding clients..

Some spaces seem to dictate the necessary form for interior design themselves. Our solutions are flexible enough to accommodate these requirements.

Custom window sizes

Do you have custom windows in your interior? We are ready to offer the best solution for their design. Wood & Washi makes decoration for individual parameters. By combining several Wood & Washi solutions, you can easily achieve any height and width of canvases.

Custom-shaped windows

We offer all kinds of fastening options that securely fix our products to doors, skylights and other surfaces.