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Delivery conditions
and warranties

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Wood & Washi products are provided with a warranty period of two years after purchase. Any defects should be reported as soon as possible after detection.

The warranty covers materials and production defects and includes repair or replacement of the defective component. The warranty does not cover damage made via accidents, transportation, natural disasters, errors of measurement, installation, cleaning and maintenance as well as wear and tear.

Wood & Washi is not responsible for any subsequent damage. During and after the warranty period. The warranty only covers the original purchaser.

After the two year period, Wood & Washi is pleased and ready to continue consultation and repair products for a fee.

Warranty service

A warranty certificate can be completed with detailed description of the defects at the Wood & Washi dealer.

Wood & Washi will make every effort to return a repaired or, if needed, a new product as soon as possible.


To prevent Wood & Washi products from getting dirty, it is recommended to clean them regularly with a soft cloth. It’s advised to be careful with moisture regrading sides and stitches of Washi paper products as moisture can get in between lamination and into the product. After cleaning with water, the Washi screen has to dry for some time.

Official Wood & Washi representatives can be consulted when products are severely spotted or soiled.

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