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Washi Unique

Unique art object for interior
Main Rollo
Washi unique is a hand-crafted material with an exclusive pattern that is individually designed to order. An exclusive design not to find anywhere else.

The uniqueness of the patterns is due to the process of their creation - the fibers of the paper are intertwined by a washi master directly at the time of making the panel, which excludes the use of templates or repetition of the pattern.

An art object is a unique element of decor, analogs which is not found anywhere else in the whole world.

In addition to a unique pattern, there’s a choice of colors for the canvases that will organically fit into the interior of the entire space. If the palette of colors in the catalog seems insufficient, Wood & Washi can develop an exclusive design, together with the artists, and select the very shade that will suit 100%.

Washi unique
The material for washi unique is created using ancient Japanese techniques, based on the special processing of washi paper. The raw materials are the fibers of the non-cultivated Kozo shrub, which have super-strength and, during production, acquire graceful outlines with notes of the aesthetics of the East.
Art installation
It is not an exaggeration to claim that washi unique canvases can rightfully be considered works of art.
Washi unique has a unique pattern.

When creating a canvas, the artist manually and in arbitrary orderly creates a future installation

Diversity color performance, as well as unique character.