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Everything on the planet consists of four elements - water, air, earth and fire. The materials from which Wood & Washi products are made have absorbed the strength and energy of these elements. They are as natural as possible from an environmental point of view. Wood & Washi solutions are a "green" window in your home, an inextricable connection with nature.

Materials in the Textures collections are distinguished by excellent quality, environmental friendliness and reliability. Products made from it are not only moisture-proof, but also have European certification for refractory composition of the highest B1 standard. Textures are available in different designs: plain colors in 3 and 5% transparency and blackout - completely blocking light; additionally a wide range of more decorative fabrics are available in Textures Specials.

Wood & Washi products are environmentally friendly and as safe as possible. Every component is tested to make our customers' lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

Wide application possibilities

Various degrees of transparency

Indoor light scattering effect

Individual models

Easy care

Decorating with slats of various designs

Together with Wood & Washi, any interior can be transformed, changing the design of the room depending on the season or mood.