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Woven washi is made according to ancient Japanese technologies and there are no analogues to it.

An environmentally friendly material, unique in its composition and manufacturing method. It is based on the centuries-old experience of Japanese craftsmen, which has no analogues in the whole world. Today, Wood & Washi carefully monitors the preservation of technology and continues to manufacture woven washi canvases by hand, selecting the best plant raw materials.

Using woven washi canvases in the interior will transform the space and find the most harmonious solution for its design. Woven washi provides the opportunity to feel close to nature and go far beyond urban aesthetics, even in the heart of a metropolis.

Wide application possibilities

Indoor light scattering effect

Individual models

Easy care

Decorating with slats of various designs

Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly product

Laconic interior

Woven washi canvases organically combine Japanese laconicism and grace, eco-friendly materials and modern technologies.